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modelHK-A series

Features and Functions

1.Safe and reliableAfter electrify, oxygen to produce,  cut off the power,stop supply oxygena at once.

2.Economical:  0.4 KWH cost per hour  , investment at one time,  enjoy using for a long time .

3.Easy to use, with power and  flow of air, oxygen concentrator can continuously produce oxygen all the day, using it  at any time.

4.Application places: family, hospitals, nursing homes, plateau station, school, hotel, sports ground and beauty salon, etc.

5.Optional modelHK-A9020 HK-A9030 HK-A9050

Main technical parameters

1.Produce oxygen3L, 4L, 5L/min         2. Oxygen concentration90%

3.The use of temperature:5-40          4.Outlet pressure:0.04-0.06MPa

5. Noise54dB                                         6.Dimensions350x420x650mm  


7.Net weight:23kg                             8. Output power:360VA/400VA/450VA  


9.Supply power:220V/50Hz




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